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ACL Webinar: Managing Change to Sustain Collaboration

  • Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Managing Change to Sustain Collaboration - March 12, 2019

All collaborative leaders are engaged in change. How to plan for, manage, and sustain change are topics of ongoing discussion and, sometimes, “hit or miss” approaches. ACL members seek to “do” change in the right ways in order to make the most positive impact on our members. 

The webinar covered known models of change management and discussed application methods to enhance collaborative initiatives. Panelists included Charlene BergstresserProgram Director at the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges and Christine Kimball, Director of Strategic Procurement, and Susana Velazquez, Program and Budget Manager, both at the Five Colleges of Ohio.

The webinar is organized in three parts: 
1. A definition of models for change management; audience members will have a chance to connect their own change initiatives to the material being discussed
2. Presentation of an actual change initiative, including discussion of how the impact of change got in the way of moving collaboration forward

3. Closing and questions, including a summary of polling data received over the course of the webinar

As you prepare to view the webinar, spend ten minutes considering a change initiative you are working on or have worked on. Think about how you approach the change, what has gone well, and what has been a challenge.

Webinar outcomes 
1. Awareness of existing change management methods
2. Tools for managing change in collaboration

Speaker Bios

At LVAIC, Charlene Bergstresser collaborates with faculty and staff communities of practice to develop collaborative initiatives and programs for the LVAIC member campuses. Her work focuses on professional and faculty development and training with a strategic focus on diversity and inclusion.

At Ohio Five, Christine Kimball, Director of Strategic Procurement, is responsible for strategic procurement collaboration, the development of consortial contracts, and the implementation of cost saving initiatives for the member institutions. In addition, she manages the consortial web-based eprocurement system, which streamlines the procurement processes for the colleges and the consortium.

Also at Ohio Five, Susana Velazquez, Program and Budget Manager, is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the financial records of the organization and the grants which it oversees. In addition, Susana provides planning and logistical support to the Ohio Five’s various standing and grant committees. She will also lend her leadership in the development of evaluation methods for the organization’s initiatives.

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