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Why sponsor the Association for Collaborative Leadership?

For 50 years, ACL has served as the recognized authority on consortial leadership and collaboration in higher education, providing its members with specialized expertise, knowledge, and training so they can successfully lead their higher education partnerships.  Our organization brings together 50 of these consortia worldwide, representing 400 of the world’s preeminent public and private colleges that span 2-year and 4-year undergraduate institutions to major research universities and represent over 2.8 million undergraduate and graduate students and over 678,000 employees.   

Educational consortia play a powerful role in higher education, helping colleges control costs, collaborate on academic and administrative innovation, and share a wide range of services.  ACL executive directors report to the presidents of their member institutions and coordinate working groups that are chaired by principal deans and provosts, chief financial officers, chief information officers, student affairs vice presidents, and other cabinet officers.  ACL consortia lead joint ventures among their member institutions that have included:


Dining programs

Disaster preparedness planning

Distance learning collaborations

Diversity workshops and training

Employee benefits programs

Environmental health and safety

Facility management systems and personnel

Financial systems and personnel

Financial services, including audit

Fleet purchase and rental

Health insurance

IT hardware and software purchasing

Joint academic programs

Legal services

Library services and software

Management training services

Purchasing and e-procurement

Purchasing card and student ID card services

Research collaborations

Retirement programs

Risk management

Security services

Student internship programs

Study abroad programs

Sustainability programs

Title IX investigative services and training

Travel planning and purchasing

ACL’S annual fall conference and quarterly webinars bring together consortium executive directors and principal staff who regularly serve as the initiators and organizers of these ventures. Sponsoring these educational programs offers businesses an exceptional targeted opportunity to reach this influential audience and their member colleges and universities with products and services supporting higher education.

Association for Collaborative Leadership is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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